Ask the Boys……………..

This will be the last Ask the Boys post whilst they are trekking…… all being well with the weather and the teams fitness and equipment they should arrive at the pole at some point tomorrow or early Thursday!


Hi boys!  I have a question…how will you be seeing in the new year? Have you got any celebrations planned :) ? HAPPY NEW YEARS and well done – what you are doing is amazing!
Jo Lock

Richard answered – We celebrated New Years on UK time given ¾ are british, this allowed us allowed us to go to bed at our normal time of 9.00ish, we still had a little whiskey!


Andrew mentioned carrying all the biowaste for the last 75miles or so. Is there an incinerator at the pole or what happens to all the waste from all the various visitors?  You can count on one hand walking days left. You are all incredible. xx Vanessa Lock

Andrew answered – The waste is flown back to Chile


Are there only certain times of the day/night that the Iridium phone will work? Do you have to wait until a satellite is overhead?

Andrew answered – The Iridium Phones have been amazing, they work 24 hours, Iridium have an outstanding satellite network which covers the globe


There is little snow in the Colorado Mountains, snowpack is almost at record lows.
Today, this week, in Denver the temperature will be close to 60 degrees.
In the short amount of time Hannah has visited the South Pole has she experienced warmer weather, wilder, weather events?

Hannah answered – Although we have had many storms and cold temperatures, this summer has been milder than some I have experienced in Antarctica.  Its always a wild card with the weather but we have been lucky.


So close. Thinking about your effort everyday. Stay on it. One question prompted by the newest pix. How good will a shower feel? Jim Durning

All the team answered –  It will be the best warm shower ever!…….. 


As you probably know, the A-Team is made up of 4 members- If you were the A-Team, which character would each of you play and why? Andrew Lock

Richard answered – After careful consideration (which is what the question requires!  Richard – Face, Alan is Murdoch, Andrew is BA and Hannah is Hannibal!


So what time zone are you guys on exactly? Or do you just make up your own as it goes along?
Enjoy the last few days, guys!!  We’re all so excited for you. Scott Shapiro

Andrew answered – Whichever we choose but on Chilean time, which is 3 hours behind GMT.  The sun on back all the time whilst trekking?


Will there be a special event/observance when you come home? If not there should be! Gloria Cordova

Richard answered – Nothing planned as yet, just concentrating on reaching the pole and getting back home to family and friends – we won’t rule anything out though!

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