Ask the Boys…….

I know you have each run out of things to listen to on your iPods, have you listened to each others? If so what did you listen to that you may not have chosen yourself and enjoyed? Suzanne

Richard – I have listened to some of Andrews’s music plus some ultra runner pod casts… which has thoroughly discouraged me from ultra running

Andrew – I have just re-listened to some of my books

Alan – I have not run out quite yet, I have my own bits plus my wife’s iPod.


You are an amazing team and so close to the end. Do you know how much you have raised so far for these two exceptional charities? All the very best to you all. Vanessa x

Alan answered – We have raised an amazing total of $23,849 (£15,514) thank you to all who have sponsored us – read how the money will be used at sightsavers here and Guide Dogs for the blind here.


If there was one thing extra you wish you had taken on your trek what would it have been? Margaret Smith

Richard answered – A land rover discovery!! : ) and as we could not have that my answer is more variety in the food we have been eating.


What is waiting for you at the South Pole?
Will you be able to ditch the tent, sleep in a building?

Richard answered – We will be staying in our own tents but we have been told there will be a large meal tent, this will mean we are promised different food, which will be very exciting no matter what it is!


Tell us something about Hannah! She is in one of your pictures. What background does she have? How often has she guided such trips? What is her role day-to-day? Alan Andreasen


Andrew answered – Hannah is a legend, she has done this trip 6 times, more than anyone else in the world, so we really are getting a pro’s advice!  Hannah is Alan’s tent mate; she cooks breakfast and dinner and helps with tent activities.  She supervises many daily chores, routines and gives us general best practice advice.  She has an immense amount of knowledge on Polar expeditions from her vast experience.  She also shouts at us when we keep talking about ‘Cheeseburgers’ aw man what I wouldn’t give for a cheeseburger right now! – Here is her website

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