Polar Vision – The Documentary

Matt Peters, documentary maker shares his thoughts on the Polar Vision project, his new documentary and being an honorary member of the Polar Vision team.

“I’m really proud of our Polar Vision documentary and I’m pleased to be able to share it with the wider world.  One of the aims of the project has always been to raise awareness for the charities and to get Alan’s story out to anyone who would take inspiration from hearing it.  This film is part of that.

Richard and I met by chance one day over lunch in a café in the college town of Hanover, NH, USA.  He briefly explained the idea of Polar Vision and not long after, I found myself on a week-long training trip in -40-degree weather in Northern Canada with Richard, Alan and Andrew.  It was a really great trip to get a sense for the scale of the undertaking that the Polar Vision team were taking on and it was also really useful for me to get to know the team that I appeared to be gradually joining.

Despite shivering in our tents one evening, we decided to move forward with the full-length documentary.  We didn’t know the adventures that would come but we knew that it would be ‘epic’ and we knew it would be unique and I soon found myself traveling over 24 hours down to Punta Arenas, Chile.  I was able to film the team getting ready, getting nervous and getting on board the huge plane that would take them to Antarctica.

While on the ice, the team filmed themselves and therefore I had to sort through nearly 40 hours of footage, but I was rewarded every time I came across a gem like Richard talking to the camera and saying “Matt, you can cut Andrew out of this” or Andrew and Alan talking to me through the camera as if I were there with them (I usually kept those parts to embarrass them).

It was easy for me to give my time to this project knowing that the guys were devoting so much of their time and heart into their broader mission of inspiring others. One of the biggest challenges of the project for me was keeping tabs on everyone as they lived in so many different places and throughout the project all of them have moved at least once. It was a real pleasure to track these guys down in different parts of the globe to hear the story of their Antarctica trek and turn it into a film to share with others.

I hope people feel a part of the team and are inspired to get out and try things, set goals, and do something unexpected no matter what their challenge is.

-Matt Peters

Polar Vision – The Documentary