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From Richard……………

We are genuinely very pleased, grateful and excited to be here, we really are, however at this stage of the expedition we are very pleased, grateful and excited to be going home.

We are all feeling the real niggles now, sore backs, blisters, tiredness and lethargy, we never really rest ‘properly’ as you are still in a sleeping bag…….. in a tent…….. in Antarctica……..  It is inevitable that we all feel that way, we have covered a long distance, but it is the physical respite that now surfaces.

There is a lot of ‘stuff’ we all want to get on with in the ‘real world’.  When you are marching for 7 ½ hours a day it is akin to meditation, you get a rhythm and your mind is free to wander where it may.  Usually it goes to your life back home; I should see some friends more often.  I should concentrate on certain things in my professional life.  I should concentrate on certain things in my personal life.  I should make sure that we are using this fantastic experience and legacy of Polar Vision as effectively as possible.

We are each building a mental ‘to do’ list that we are keen to start ticking things off as soon as possible.  Although, we are not at the pole yet, we must not get complacent.

It has been a truly memorable life changing experience; the responsibility is on each of us now to use this experience in a positive, productive and meaningful way.  Starting from the day we get home.

Happy new year to all of you, and a healthy, wealthy 2012

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