Our last camp

From Alan….

Tonight we make camp for what should, barring any surprises, be our final night before we reach the South Pole. All members of the team will be deep in thought this evening.

For Hannah, this will be the sixth time reaching the pole. But, for Rich, Andrew, and me this will be the culmination of over two years of endevour.

From my perspective, the overriding emotion is probably relief. Not relief to be leaving Antarctica (although I think my wife may disagree), but rather relief that all of the various elements of the expedition meshed to allow us to succeed.

From fundraising to training to seemingly endless days of skiing, and the quiet prayers that our equipment will stand up to the fierce conditions – it looks like we are finally within inches of our goal.

Along with the relief, there is a sense of humility. Having the opportunity to be here, in such a special place with the knowledge that this challenge is of our own choosing – and how people supported by Sightsavers and Guide Dogs have a far greater challenge than skiing to the South Pole.

All of us are dreaming of a hot shower, a beer, and of course to see our loved ones. Thanks to all for the tremendous support! Onwards, for the last time, to the Pole!!

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