****** WE MADE IT! ******

From Richard


We finally reached the South Pole after 39 days.  It is fair to say the team are excited, elated and exhilarated but also exhausted.  The weather has been very kind to us today; it’s been beautiful to come into the South Pole.

Unfortunately Andrews binding gave way half way through the day but we took some weight off him and we shared it around the team and the team marched on regardless.  Despite the linguistic contradiction, we feel we are on top of the world right now!!

We have to take the photographs to capture this moment then off to have a cup of tea and a nice warm meal.

Its a fantastic day for the team and everyone is delighted and really excited.

We have so many people to thank and we will do so individually over the next few days.  We want to however give a big shout out to our sponsors Arclight Capital and Iridium, plus all the students, staff and alumni at both Tuck at Dartmouth and Haas Schools.

We could not have done this without everyone’s support and it’s been great to hear all your messages of goodwill and support throughout the trek, we are all very grateful.

We will write more later but want to let you know we are all incredibly excited to have made it!

Right, off for that hot cuppa, anyone have a Jaffa cake to dunk?

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